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Development Partners in Consulting
Development Partners in Consulting

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

Development Partners in Consulting - Monitoring and Evaluation

Devpart Consult’s interest in M&E is founded on the belief in accountability – accountability to community and accountability to self. We believe that the collection, reporting and dissemination of quality information, in an open and transparent manner, is necessary to strengthen technical and financial operations, resulting in the attainment of program and national development goals and objectives.

At Devpart Consult, we develop and support policy and strategic M&E interventions, and conduct routine monitoring and evaluation activities at national, sub-program and program level. Development partners such as the Global Fund against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria benefit from our support where we oversee the implementation of M&E strengthening interventions verifying key results at output, outcome and impact levels.

Out Intention

We aim to offer practical and sustainable M&E services by drawing on our wide-ranging experience attained in different countries and circumstances, and applying these in a custom-designed manner that is appropriate for each client’s circumstances.

M&E Services

Devpart Consult offers a full range of M&E services that includes the following:

  • Development of M&E systems including development of the M&E operating framework, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), data collection and reporting tools and other requirements necessary to operationalize the M&E system such as indicator protocols customized for different user levels
  • Development of M&E strategic and planning documents including M&E Plans, LogFrames and Performance Frameworks, costed M&E action and roll-out plans, and monitoring protocols
  • Technical assistance to support routine monitoring and capacity building of M&E resources
  • Undertaking baseline studies, mid-term reviews, end-of-program evaluations and impact assessment studies
  • Research in public health programs and health financing
  • Training in all the above areas which are to be thematically structured and offered on a periodic basis, in addition to customized programs for specific sectors or programs

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