Development Partners in Consulting
Development Partners in Consulting
Development Partners in Consulting

How We Work

How we work

Our clients are our partners. We are committed to full transfer of skills and knowledge during each of our assignments in order to ensure that the people we work with are left more capable, self-reliant and empowered, which in turn leads to sustainable operations and ultimately real development.

While most of our assignments are technical in nature, complimentary management skills such as planning, leadership and resource management are mainstreamed within our day-to-day tasks, turning technical interventions into effective and functional operations.

The Devpart Consult operational model is two-fold comprising a group of core resources that consult full-time and part-time consultants who are practicing professionals.

The project cycle

Devpart Consult offers several consulting services that may be provided at any stage of the project cycle, as indicated below:

Concept stage: At conceptualization, Devpart Consult identifies a suitable project concept through critical analysis of internal strengths and competencies. This ensures suitability of an organization/institution’s capacity to undertake the identified interventions in line with the development sectors’ needs. Services offered at this stage include:

  • Baseline surveys & studies
  • Cost analyses
  • Resource mobilization
  • Needs assessment / situation analysis

Design stage: We design projects based on relevant data and resourcing opportunities critical for on-budget and on-track, results-driven performance. The adoption of appropriate operational structures, systems and procedures are essential at the start to ensure implementation of quality projects. We help set up appropriate systems and procedures at various operational levels (Board and management) for transparent, timely and clear accountability. Key areas we support at this stage include:

  • Program design
  • Work-plans
  • Budgeting
  • Programmatic Log frames
  • KPIs for sustainable business operations
  • Operational policies & procedures
  • M&E Plans
  • Risk management plans
  • Resourcing / human capacities
  • Governance structures
  • Research proposals and protocols
  • Systems development: M&E and Health information systems

Implementation stage: During Implementation, we help projects with routine monitoring and performance assessment to ensure the continued flow of financial resources, while also fine-tuning and continuously improving service delivery. This way, the project effectively utilizes the limited resources. Devpart Consult may also provide specialized services focusing on research in particular areas of interest, which offer opportunities for improved performance and growth. Services we provide during implementation include:

  • Routine monitoring and reporting (financial and programmatic)
  • Annual budget alignment and re-programming
  • Mid-term evaluations
  • Routine risk
  • Assessments
  • Capacity development
  • Operational research
  • Board oversight
  • Annual reports
  • Integrated (Triple line) reporting

Completion / Close-out stage: At the end / completion of the project cycle, Devpart Consult conducts an end of project evaluation and impact assessments identifying lessons learnt during implementation. These findings are shared to inform future projects, reconcile financial and programmatic investments to determine sustainability of future interventions while ensuring that best practices are observed. Services offered at the close-out stage include:

  • Evaluations
  • Impact assessments
  • Project close-outs (financial and programmatic)