Development Partners in Consulting
Development Partners in Consulting
Development Partners in Consulting

Strategic Planning, Risk Management and Governance

Strategic Planning, Risk Management and Governance

Development Partners in Consulting - Strategic Planning, Risk Management and Governance

This unique clustering of services is offered in recognition of the key challenges faced by the development sector. In the face of declining financial resources for development interventions, it becomes necessary to plan better, to recognize and proactively manage risks expeditiously, and to manage operations more prudently. This combination of services supports the foundation of our clients’ operations which when augmented by the rest of the technical areas we support, should result in stronger and more efficiently executed programs.

The Devpart Consult technical experts have over time been involved in various strategic planning interventions – from organizational to national sector levels. Risk management and governance are typically streamlined into respective technical areas since upfront recognition of potential program blockages is necessary to proactively manage challenges before they materialize into real threats.

The approach applied by our Finance, M&E and Public Health experts entails recognizing the risks per technical area, weighting these and developing proactive measures to address the risks. The identified risks are earmarked for attention at appropriate levels (operational / management / board level) - be they operational, financial or technical. The effective management of these identified risks is likely to be more successful in organizations or operations that consciously apply sound governance principles and who proactively monitor compliance in line with established standards of operation.

Our Intention

  • To offer strategic planning services that are practical and results oriented, and that provide clear guidance to management and operational teams.
  • To offer risk management and governance services as mainstreamed operational services, at all levels: operational, management and board levels.

Strategy, Risk Management and Governance Services

Our services include:

  • Supporting national planning interventions such as development of sector plans, including implementation and costed action plans / budgets
  • Undertaking risk-based assessments for development programs in all operational areas
  • Facilitation of workshops and organizational planning sessions to develop strategic and annual work plans
  • Training in strategy, risk management and governance within the development sector and for corporate social responsibility programs

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