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Development Partners in Consulting
Development Partners in Consulting

Public Health and Research

Public Health and Research

Development Partners in Consulting - Public Health and Research

Development assistance for health has increased exponentially over the past two decades presenting unprecedented opportunities and responsibility to address the world’s biggest health problems. We at Devpart Consult have the interest, passion and skill-sets to contribute to improving the world’s health.

Our Intention

We aim to use our combined skills, experiences and networks in the sector to provide our clients with holistic high-quality services in a diverse range of public health services.

The projects we support involve tracking performance, health systems strengthening, operational and scientific research design, health information systems development, cost-effectiveness assessments, community-based interventions, projects focused on service delivery beyond the formal health sector and others. We support our clients to conceptualize, develop, pilot and implement optimal operational systems in recognition of the developing world’s limited human resource and financial constraints. We have the capabilities to refine operational practices and tools for more effective health service delivery, in a variety of settings. We utilize our strong analytical capacity to provide evidence-based analyses and solutions to our clients and provide follow-up services as needed.

Public Health Services

We have a team of consultants with technical skill and expertise to provide our clients with a diverse range of health related services including:

  • Design and implementation of Quality Reviews.
  • Design and implementation of Health Facility Assessments.
  • Health program design and development.
  • Research study design Program performance assessments.
  • Health-related human resource capacity assessments and development and execution of training plans and programs.
  • Design and implementation of health advocacy and communication campaigns and programs.
  • Development and implementation of Health Information Systems.
  • Health data management including design of data collection tools, database design, analysis and interpretation.
  • Conceptual development and implementation of community-based health interventions.
  • Annual and periodic program reports.

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